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A Webinar: Ways Forward: Caraga Region Building Resiliency  & Reducing Vulnerability

Vulnerabilities tend to damage the unit while resilience is the opposite of vulnerability which refers to the ability of a unit to withstand or recover from damage. Ways such as building resiliency and reducing vulnerability is a  constant discovery that is still in the process of improving and still seeking more to be improved. To develop resilience and reduce vulnerability in our region, an initiative from the students of Caraga State University, taking the Disaster Mitigation, Awareness, Preparedness (DMAPS) course gathered speakers from various organizations to share their knowledge and expertise in these fields.

Last May 25th, 2022, the Caraga State University - Department of Civil Engineering has successfully concluded the Ways Forward: Caraga Region Building Resiliency  & Reducing Vulnerability webinar held via Zoom Meeting and Facebook Live. The said webinar was participated with CSU engineering students, University of Bohol students, different LGU representatives from Caraga Region, ANECO representative, Philippine Red Cross representative, and Bureau of Fire Protection representative as resource speakers.

The webinar consist of 6 lectures titled as Catching Up with the Structural Demand of Recent Super Typhoon, Radio Broadcasting During Disasters, ANECO’s Operational Resilience Efforts and Emergency Response, You’ll be Safe Here: Planning Cities with Reduced Disaster Risk, Emergency Disaster Response, and BFP Disaster Response Program. The resource speakers of the said lectures were Engr.  Joshua C. Agar, Ms. Gay Dolfo-Tiu, Engr. Darwin T. Daymiel, Mr. Marion Micah R. Tinio, Mr. Rayven Luneta Lerion RN, and SF03 Cristiel Ian T. Flores, respectively.

Furthermore, the webinar delivered information to the students on ways on how to deal with disasters, on how to mitigate and prevent risks and how to cope up from disasters especially from the recent typhoon Odette. The first speaker shared his expertise on how to design a house build for strength to withstand disasters. The second speaker emphasized the importance of radio broadcasting especially in times of calamity. It was also explained by the third speaker how electric cooperatives here in  Caraga strategized to restore the power supply to homes and how they make calamities and disaster preparedness. While the fourth speaker expounded the importance of educating the people, enabling them to determine hazards and giving them initiative to reduce the weakness of hazard prone areas. The Philippine  Red Cross  resource speaker representative expounded the importance of volunteerism, logistics, and information technology on how we can make use of these three in search and rescue operations. Finally, the last speaker from BFP explained the importance of conducting post incident stress debriefing on all responders involved in the response operations.

Thus, the organizers would like to express their sincerest gratitude to the resource speakers from different organizations who have shared their knowledge and allotted their time in discussing the different topics on building resiliency and reducing vulnerability and especially to the people who participated and spent their time which made the webinar successful. 

In partnership with: CSU - Department of Civil Engineering

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